When your automobile oversteers or understeers, you'll notice it because each of these steering problems impacts control and handling. This guide breaks down the key differences that occur as an automobile understeers or oversteers.

Understeering can make the process of clearing a turn on the road dangerous and difficult. It's tough to manage as it puts pressure on a steering wheel. For example, if your vehicle understeers while you operate it on the right side of the road, the automobile may roll onto the grass on the shoulder as it enters a steep curve. The only way to keep a vehicle that understeers on the road in this situation is by spinning the steering wheel several times until the entire car drifts safely around the turn. Oversteering causes an opposite problem as it makes a car turn sharply.

In Hopkinsville, there are many roads that have steep turns, so you must always maintain your car's steering system. The best way to optimize a defective steering system is by servicing it. At Sisk Honda, you can service a car, truck, or SUV that steers incorrectly.


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