Is there anything worse than turning the key in the ignition and the car not starting? For some, finding a vehicle mysteriously picking up speed outside of the driver's intent can be shocking and panic-inducing. When a car's fuel pump doesn't work right, things like these can happen. After all, if the part doesn't work right, fuel can't pump from the gas tank to the engine.

The vehicle might operate fine. Then, one day, the driver attempts to haul cargo in Hopkinsville, KY, and power loss becomes evident. The fuel pump can't handle the demands. Even without any cargo, operational problems may occur. A sputtering engine indicates ill-health with the vehicle. If a car sputters at high speeds, the fuel pump might be wearing out.

Look at the fuel pressure gauge while revving the engine. Poor pressure means something's not right.

The technician team at Sisk Honda can help with fuel pump and other service matters. Call the office for a time to bring in the car.

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