Choosing the appropriate type of spare tire for your beloved vehicle is often daunting for Hopkinsville, KY drivers. Much of this decision comes down to the intentions you have for your car's spare tire.

"Donuts" are quite common, and this name actually refers to a traditional compact temporary tire. These can be advantageous for some drivers due to their smaller storage space requirements. The pitfalls of compact temporary tires, though, are their usage limitations. Primarily, compact temporary tires achieve the single goal of allowing a driver to safely reach a service station for a replacement.

In contrast, full-sized spare tires do not have the speed and usage limitations of donuts. A matching full-sized spare can even be rotated in with your vehicle's other tires for long-term usage. Ask Sisk Honda about tire replacement options. The staff is truly committed to helping its safety-oriented customers achieve much smoother commutes and travels.

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