When you use your truck bed on a regular basis, a little efficiency can make a big impact. That's why our Hopkinsville, KY staff loves the Honda Ridgeline — with its smart bed, this popular pickup truck helps you speed through everyday tasks.

We know that when you're loading and unloading, every inch counts. To maximize the available storage space, the Honda Ridgeline features minimalist wheel well housings. That way, you can slip in a standard sheet of plywood or all of your tools.

When your cab is full, the Honda Ridgeline's in-bed trunk provides extra secure storage space. This hidden compartment is recessed beneath the truck bed, so you can store everything from sporting goods to tools. The top locks to provide security and peace of mind while you're out and about. Discover the possibilities by coming to Sisk Honda to take the Honda Ridgeline for a test drive.

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