Stranded roadside? Don't panic. Below are a few ways you can keep yourself and others safe while help is on the way:

  • Come Prepared- Preparing ahead of time with flares, triangles, first aid, water, jumper cables and the like are all great ways to prepare for a crisis on the road.
  • Involve the Authorities- When you are able, call 911 immediately so that help can be on the way, while you get yourself and others out of harm's way.
  • Move Yourself and Your Vehicle If Possible- If your vehicle is impeding traffic and you are able to move it, it is okay to do so. However, if your vehicle is totaled or if it would be generally unsafe, you should wait for help to arrive before doing anything else. Otherwise, simply worry about getting yourself and your loved ones out of the way of oncoming traffic.

All in all, roadside emergencies don't have to be scary. By taking a few preventative steps and watching out for oncoming traffic, you can keep yourselves and your passengers safe in any compromising roadside situation.


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