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Honda Clarity Concept Vehicle

Step into the future with Sisk Honda thanks to the innovative 2017 Honda Clarity Concept Vehicle, which features cutting-edge hydrogen fuel-cell technology.

Honda Maintenance Program 

At Sisk Honda, we're proud to offer Honda Care Maintenance to our customers. Learn about the value this innovative program offers to you as a Honda owner.

Honda College Grad Program

Sisk Honda wants to educate car shoppers about the Honda College Grad Program. Learn how recent and soon-to-be graduates can save on a new car, truck or SUV. 

How much car can I afford?

At Sisk Honda people ask how to afford a new car all the time. Fortunately, we have expertise in this area and want to help, so contact us today

2017 Honda Fit at Sisk Honda in Hopkinsville near Clarksville

Sisk Honda proudly presents the sensational 2017 Honda Fit. Check out the subcompact car that offers more near legroom than plenty of larger midsize rivals.

Perks of Owning a Truck

If you're not fully aware of what the perks of owning a truck are, take a look here at Sisk Honda to find out why they're America's most popular vehicles.

2017 Honda CR-V at Sisk Honda in Hopkinsville

Thanks to a healthy reworking, the 2017 Honda CR-V is back and better than ever. Learn about the many improvements made to this wildly popular SUV.

2017 Honda Fit at Sisk Honda in Hopkinsville

The 2017 Honda Fit is in the perfect size for parking in tight areas, and yet it has a wonderfully spacious interior. Find out more about this subcompact.

2017 Honda Pilot at Sisk Honda in Hopkinsville

The 2017 Honda Pilot is the ideal family vehicle, thanks to loads of utility, comfort and convenience. Understand how this three-row SUV will enrich your life.

What Makes an SUV

Have you ever wondered what qualifies a vehicle to be an SUV? See what makes an SUV and SUV from Sisk Honda near Clarksville and come test drive an SUV today.

Safe Driving Tips for Traveling During the Holidays

Sisk Honda wants all of its customers to be safe this holiday season. Use these safe driving tips to ensure you and your family get to your destination safely.

2017 Honda Civic Sedan at Sisk Honda near Clarksville

The 2017 Honda Civic is a reliable sedan for many types of drivers whether you are a new driver or a seasoned one. Stop by Sisk Honda today to take a test drive.

Perks of Owning a Hybrid Vehicle From Sisk Honda in Hopkinsville

There are many perks to having a hybrid behicle such as lower gas consumption and therefore costs. See what hybrid vehicles Sisk Honda has to offer today.   

Sedans at Sisk Honda in Hopkinsville Near Fort Campbell

Do you know what makes a sedan a sedan? See what features qualify a car to be a sedan and why sedans are a great reliable car from Sisk Honda in Hopkinsville.   

2017 Honda Ridgeline Pickup Truck at Sisk Honda in Hopkinsville

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline is an understated truck. It only has what you need and doesn't bother you with unnecessary extras. See for yourself with a test drive.